Meet Krystle. The artist describes herself as credible, driven, grateful, present, insightful, nurturing, living, growing, and evolving with a soul swirling with COLOR.  She brings her exhilaration for life into her vivid and vibrant compositions which are based on abstract and light photography. 

In addition, Krystle enjoys portraiture and taught herself hair and make-up to actualize her vision.

Krystle is a native New Yorker who found her home in San Francisco and is currently traveling the world.  A self-taught photographer and Registered Nurse; her personal photo albums are testament to a life incredibly well documented. Drawing inspiration from her most immediate environment, Krystle brings a notable flare to her subjects regardless of content. Utilizing a Nikon digital SLR and a Fujifilm X20 along with multiple lenses, light stations, color gels, light screens and monitors, she produces images which take the eye far beyond the realm of the visible spectrum as we know it.

What invigorates Krystle most about her method of photography is the mix of composed and spontaneous results. Every.Single.Time.

Take a peek or two into the positively radiant life she lives through writings and poetry found in her blog as well as documentation throughout her travels.  Enjoy it all.

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